Sam Smith has already planned his own funeral: “It’s gonna be fabulous”

Thinking about what your own funeral will be like is pretty morbid, but Sam Smith evidently wants to make sure that his will be quite the party.  He says he’s already planned it, and he promises, “It’s gonna be fabulous.”

During Sam’s appearance on the Australian TV show The Project, one of the anchors joked that Sam’s music is so heartbreaking that if Sam died, and they played his own music at the funeral, it’d be the saddest thing ever.  Sam responded to that by saying, “No, my funeral’s gonna be, like, disco music!”

“Yeah, I’ve already planned my funeral, it’s gonna be fabulous,” he continued.  When one of the anchors asked if he could tell them any of the details, Sam replied, “No, it’s actually quite explicit!  But, there’s gonna be a lot of drag queens!”

Sam also talked about how weird it is when he looks out into the audience at his concerts and spots a big star there.  “Definitely a few times I’ve had that,” he said.  “Seeing Kim Kardashian at my show was quite weird…and Chaka Khan!  Ohmigod, I freaked out!”

As the anchors laughed, Sam added, “I was in L.A., and she gave me this fan that had ‘Chaka’ in diamonds on it!  It’s incredible.”

The interview ended with one anchor asking Sam when he realized he had an incredible voice.  Sam argued that he doesn’t think he does, in fact, have such a great voice.

“I have a really tough time with my voice sometimes,” he admitted. “Every time that I think I sing the worst, people tell me that it’s the best that I’ve sang. So I don’t know anymore.  I just like the way it feels — I don’t like the way it sounds, sometimes.  It’s bad, I know!”

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