Halsey “releases her renegade” in new Jeep ad

Halsey is showing her renegade spirit in a new commercial for Jeep.

It’s the first ad in a series of “Release Your Renegade” videos, which celebrates women in music who break the mold. Set to the backdrop of her latest single, “Bad at Love,” Halsey explains what makes her a renegade.

“I’ve chosen to be loud, to be unique, to be authentic, and unapologetically me,” she says in the clip.

In addition to the ad, Jeep has also launched another video featuring Halsey, where she shares her memories of her first vehicle: a Jeep Grand Cherokee. She says she used to write songs in her car before she was famous.

“Singing songs in my house meant that my parents would hear me and tell me that I needed to pick something else to do with my time,” she says. “So, being in my car meant total freedom, the ability to make mistakes and maybe make a complete fool out of myself. Because sometimes, those mistakes turn out to be the greatest part of a song.”

Halsey’s ad debuts on television today.

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