Does Ed Sheeran carry ketchup wherever he goes?

Ed Sheeran found the “Perfect” condiment and he’s never leaving home without it.

Not only does Ed have a Heinz ketchup bottle tattoo, he also reportedly has his assistants carry an emergency bottle of the condiment for him wherever he goes.

“Ed’s made no secret of his Heinz ketchup obsession and has run out of patience with going to places that don’t serve it while he’s touring,” a source tells U.K.’s The Sun.

The insider adds, “He’s made it a duty of key members of his entourage to carry a bottle wherever he goes so he can have it with everything from his morning sausage [sandwich] to upmarket dinners.”

His love for ketchup runs so deep that he’d pass a national ketchup law if he could. Last month, in response to an article that said young people want him to be the U.K.’s next Prime Minister, Ed said that if he was elected he’d make “ketchup compulsory in all places with chips [fries].”

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